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I've always loved GSD's and I have always wanted one but could never really have one until now. I adopted one from a shelter about a month ago and we were absolutely in love with her. She wound up getting sick three days later so we took her back to the shelter so they could have her looked at by a vet and they told us she had distemper so they put her down. I offered to pay for the treatment because we really loved the dog but they said it wouldn't be worth it because most likely she would die anyways. So that was that.

We still want one and I've made efforts to reach out to different rescue organizations but surprisingly, not a single one has contacted me back. I've filled out the applications, made phone calls, sent emails and haven't received anything back. The one organization that did reply back to me told me that they wouldn't let me adopt a GSD because of where I live, since my area is supposedly really bad at treating them.

I don't want to risk another shelter issue like the one I had, especially with something as bad and contagious as distemper. We have another dog and I would be absolute destroyed if they both got sick.

That is why I'm pretty much willing to give up and buy a dog from this friend of mine. I understand everything that you all are saying but unless I can get in contact with a shelter or rescue like I originally wanted to, I don't see anything else to do. I don't have the money to buy one from a reputable breeder and it's almost the same thing as buying one from my friend except of course for the fact that the reputable breeder will provide a much better quality dog.

We don't want a show dog or a working dog. We want a loving dog that we can raise from a puppy and grow with our family.
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