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First, I am still learning and trying not to be a perfectionist. But I don't want it messy all the time, so this is how I've adapted. I bought a Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner, its fantastic, I also have a carpet cleaner, when I paint I buy the more expensive kind that is easy to clean and won't come off with repeated wipings, and for my sofa I bought two couch covers that are soft and easy to clean in the washing machine. They are from the SureFit company and I buy them in white so I can see the dirt and clean when necessary usually 2x week also my living room is dark so it brightens the room.

As for the relatives, they seldom come over anymore. We've basically told them, the dog lives here not you, this is our pets home, they give us great joy. If I were planning a large event at our place, then of course things would be close to perfect and maybe even the dog put away, but for people randomly stopping by, they come in at their own risk.

Lastly, I forgot to add, when there are large messes/accidents/mud from rain, I don't get angry at my pets I remain calm and change my attitude that this is an opportunity for me to do some more cleaning and make things fresh. This really helped when Molly was a puppy.

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