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Originally Posted by YORCHI View Post
I asked her if she was going to have them screened for any hip and elbow issues and she said it wasn't necessary because her dogs don't have any issues. I would just like to know upfront what I should ask about or have done to make sure we don't have any issues.
If your friend is that ignorant, then honestly there's nothing you can ask or do to make sure you don't have issues.

The dogs are bred, the puppies are born. If you like the parents and you want one of their progeny, take one. I agree with the consensus in this thread that personally I would not support somebody's carelessness by giving them money for such a puppy, but that's your decision.

In any case, it really doesn't sound like there's anything meaningful you can ask your friend, because it sounds like that person has absolutely no idea what they're doing and the answers would be useless.

Just raise your puppy like you'd raise any other puppy and hope for the best.

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