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How do you keep your dog(s) and your home clean?

My dogs bring in dirt, leaves, grass (just about anything that catches their fur and paws) and shed dander and fur EVERYWHERE (I can especially see it falling off of them when they shake their body or after I vacuum because I have to empty the vacuum in between sometimes since it gets full).

I've gotten use to it (for the most part). But it does irritate me sometimes. I wish I could have a 'clean' home and 'clean' dogs but these two wishes just seem so impossible. I think the reason it bothers me from time to time is because when I get family or friends over; they just don't understand why I've got dogs when they make such a filthy mess...and it really makes me feel like a disappointment to the fam bam...Was especially thinking about this because I've got family staying over for a couple nights and am irritated by the amount of cleaning I've to do. I can't ditch the family, ya know?

Professional grooming is a great option for the pups and the home, I know. But it gets expensive for us.

How do you keep your dog(s) and your home clean (tips/tricks)?

Are you use to the dirt/mess that the pups cause or does it bother you from time to time?

Do you have family/friends that look at your lifestyle with your dogs and think 'ewwww'? How do you cope with what they think?

Do you consider dogs dirty?
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