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White Flakes on Poop?

Alright, this poop is baffling me...

Koda is 6 months old and 15 days ago, she was diagnosed with giardia. The vet gave her 21 days worth of Metronidazole and sent us on our way. After about a week of the Metro, Koda was still having really loose stools. I called the vet and they explained that the antibiotics could be really rough on a dog's digestive system and told me to try feeding her rice and chicken with a probiotic supplement. That worked wonders. I'd never seen Koda with such awesome (dry, firm) poops. But then I noticed some occassional white flakes on her poop. They weren't moving and didn't look like worms - they looked more like white fish food flakes stuck to the outside of her stool. When I pulled the stool apart, there was nothing on the inside. It was all brown, consistent, and normal looking. I live in an apartment building and pick up her waste immediately so I know it didn't come from something on the ground.

Have any of you seen anything like this? The only white things she's been eating are rice and Digesteze rawhides. If it was food causing the white flakes, wouldn't it be throughout the poop? Maybe it's pieces of giardia-damaged intestine shedding? Other parasites? I plan on bringing it up to the vet when we go in for her post-giardia follow up, but figured I'd see if anyone here has had experience with it. Thanks!
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