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Zeus is now 16 1/2 weeks old, he suddenly seems like a toddler in the terrible two's! I have been working with him on basic things like sit, down, standing from a sit/down position, and leash training, I have had two deaths in the family this past week and a half so I have been kinda lax on his training, but he suddenly refuses to listen, is hyper, wants to play tug of war with my clothes, jumping up on me and has started nipping me from behind when I walk in the yard (he's herding me). I am getting frustrated, seems like I've hit a wall in his training. I am trying to find an obedience trainer to help me, but there aren't a lot of options in my area, the one person I did find wants to use physical force, manhandling and dominance as training methods, no treats or rewards, trying to avoid going to her. I live in a rural area in central Illinois, if anyone has any recommendations on trainers or suggestions to help me train him, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

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