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Puppy German Shepherd got hurt badly in boarding school.

I'm sorry I haven't introduce myself but I have found containing amazing information on our dogs. Just never had time to activate the account. This is some what big ordeal to me and I would like to jump to this subject real quick.

Yuna has been a very good pup since I brought her home when she was 6 weeks old. When she was 10 months old I took her into K9 university in OKC for boarding school which is the puppy obedient 2 weeks straight as they recommended. She is now 1 years old.

The 2nd time I took her was cause I had a business trip for a week long and had my girlfriend bring Yuna for a retraining boarding. Yuna arrived Wednesday and Friday I received a call about Yuna nose being scratched. They said they would take care of it by the vet and she didn't need stitches. I said ok, small scratch no big deal.

I arrived home Sunday and picked her up this Monday afternoon and saw her. She was jumping and pulling the collar very badly with the trainer telling her down. Yuna just didn't obey what so ever, she just wanted to reach me. No big deal, I saw her nose and I couldn't express my feelings at the moment. The trainer said she didn't know what exactly happen and can't confirm. She said its possible that the crate might have be it. Nothing was confirm, so I paid and left. I couldn't believe what have happen to her nose and I didn't say nothing but wanted to get some thoughts before I say anything.

So after all my thoughts have been gathered.

1.) What exactly are the employees doing besides watching the dogs and I believe there was no way the crate will be that unsafe.

2.) The top part of snout was not bit by another dog. Gum is fine and else where.

3.) Can Yuna possibly injury herself that badly, it would take a very hard hit against a sharp object to cause this kind of damage.

4.) No confirmation on what cause the injury. I asked if she was by her self, with her trainer, employee or in side her crate? No answers atm.

5.) Paying such expensive rates for boarding school, you think would be a safe environment for our dogs.

Someone tell me what I should do. This injury will be a scar and I paid top dollar for her training and I swear she didn't learn much. I have personally train her myself already.
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