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Today was a nightmare and it's not calming down any! It all started with Gunther grabbing one of my potted plants and dumping it out all over the yard. I don't hit my dog except a slap on the snout when he's biting too hard but I did yell at him quite a bit over that one. My husband salvaged the dirt and seeds so I then put a pile of Gunther's poop in each pot and put more dirt over it. I'm hoping that helps. Then he refused to listen to a word I said during play or training so since I was already mad I threw out the training and stuck to just play. He dropped a Kong at my feet and when I went to move to throw the football I tripped on the Kong and fell flat on my left side onto some not yet placed patio bricks. Partially my fault because I had my hair down and it's like the Cousin It effect when it's down. Gunther was no help whatsoever and just sat there staring at me wondering why I was on the ground not moving and groaning in pain. To his credit he did sit and let me use him to help myself up. After I rubbed the giant welt in my left thigh we played until I went to work.

Came home from work to a super hyper active Gunther. He has stopped taking his medicine readily so we had to do the drop down into the gullet. For the past 2 hours since I have been home he has NOT stopped acting like a maniac. He is in and out of the door. When he's in he starts biting and barking and grabbing my sleeve to go out with him. When he's outside he jumps endlessly on the door to get back in. It is 1:30 in the morning and 33 degrees out, I am not going to go play in the yard.

I really hope he settles down ASAP.

Hail Gunther 7-2-2013

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