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Covy-Tucker Hill are reputable breeders in Cotati, CA.
They are show line breeders but do have pet and companion quality dogs available as well. They have been breeding German Shepherds for 40-50 years.
Covy Tucker Hill German Shepherd Breeders - Covy-Tucker Hill Puppies

Our personal experience has been their dogs are bred for intelligence and calm temperament. If you are looking for working lines or a high drive dog these aren't the breeders for you.

We are on our second dog from them and both have been absolutely wonderful German Shepherd dogs. Highly trainable and even tempered. Not cat or dog reactive. Not resource guarders. Great with children and adults.

We do not show our dogs, they are strictly pets for us and these two have made it fairly easy for old timer me and my lovely young wife.

This was our Miss Molly...she tragically died too soon.

And this is our Zazzle! she just turned 6 months...

Sheba 1980s
Essie Gold Ret 1980s
Shadow 1993-2005
Kazar 1999-2010
Maybelline Feral 2005-
Miss Molly 2011-2014
Zazzle 2014
Bigboy 2005-2016
Whiskey 2016-
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