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PLEASE HELP!!! Play Biting is too much & too hard! (moved>puppy)

Please, please help! My partner and I have a 4 month old German Shepherd and she just play bites way too hard! We have tried using hot sauce, bitter sprays, using submissive positions to which all have failed! I'm currently disabled and have trouble with my hands, but I'm the only one home with the puppy while my partner is at work. And Bella (our puppy) seems to think that I'm a chew toy and not her mom! She is getting bigger by the day and I cannot physically handle her when she is in biting mode. I am open to any help that I can get, I'm desperate! I really love her and don't want to do anything to cause her to be aggressive and mean. I just want a great dog for our family and I have no doubt that she will be, we just need to find the right help! So, if anyone has any ideas that I could try I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much for listening!

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