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The problem is at your dog's age, is that he might be fairly sterile, so even if he's collected, there's no guarantee that there will be enough healthy sperm cells to do AI.

On top of that, he's very out of standard, and I'll assume not health checked or titled at this point. So the chances of finding a good female to breed him to is very slim. People that own excellent females have their pick of excellent stud dogs and there would be pretty much no reason for them to do AI with your male. So that means you'd be left with sub-par females that have probably not been health tested or titled as well. Remember, the female is 50% or more of the equation as she'll also be raising the pups.

You'll never get a clone of your dog. The best advice I've heard is that its actually better to get something completely different because that way you're not comparing your new puppy to its dad its whole life. So that if it does end up not living up to the standard your first dog met, you don't hold it against the dog subconsciously.
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