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Freezing Dog DNA/Artificial Insemination

Ran into a fellow GSD owner with a healthy-looking pup who was apparently selling a litter as well. My male GSD is about 9 and I mentioned it would be great to have little pups of his but it is probably too late. Upon further conversation with him he informed me that he had his litter of pups through artificial-insemination whereby the stud dog had passed away some 20 years ago? but he uses the cryogenically-frozen & stored sperm to artificially inseminate his current female dog for litters.

He mentioned that although the insemination fees are rather high the cost to keep the sperm frozen is reasonable at a couple of hundred dollars a year in his veterinarians lab.

My questions:

1. Is this a viable method to insure my dog's DNA should I wish to breed him later?

2. I haven't seen another GSD that looks exactly like mine therefore my sentimentality about possibly freezing his sperm. I think Golden Shepherd is recessive so it may be a lower % that a pup would look like him anyway. His health and temperament seem to be top-notch. Very affectionate towards others and animal-friendly (generally-speaking).

3. Is this unreasonable for the non-breeding private-owner to do this and would my efforts be better spent finding a female GSD in the near future for mating?

This is somewhat of a blind grab at not losing him and will probably adopt a shelter dog/GSD should that day come but want to explore my options.

Thanks for any advice!

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