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Injured Dog go on walks? NOT GSD

Hey guys!

My parents are out of town on their 30th wedding anniversary, and my little sister was dog sitting at their house. Long story short, the two females got in a NASTY dog fight. Their older pit mix is now in my home relaxing while I do wound care on her.

This is not her home and she is stressed! The only thing I know how to get a hold on a dogs stress is to walk them and this is where I need some input. Part of her injuries is a "loose joint." The vet said they did not need any x-rays and that it was just tweaked funny in the fight. At home, it is loose and literally looks wobbly as she walks. If the vet is not concerned about it, do you think I can still encourage her to go on a little walk (around the neighborhood) just to get her out and moving?

If nothing else, anything to help make her feel comfortable? We have provided her safe hiding spot away from family life so she can rest....and for now that is all I have to offer her.
Thanks in advance!
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