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Default I'm New to Raw Food.

I've done many many hours of researching kibble. It's an ongoing pursuit of mine, but I saw pre-made raw dog food for the first time about a month ago. They sell it at my local pet store.
It's this specific food:
Instinct Raw Food for Dogs and Cats | Instinct Pet Food for Dogs and Cats
Instinct Healthy, Natural Kibble Products for Dogs | Instinct Pet Food for Dogs and Cats

I recently found out that supposedly dogs who are fed raw have cleaner teeth. I also heard that they produce less waste. I switched my dogs to Performatrin Ultra Grain-free recently and my dogs' stools go back and fourth beings soft and firm. My poodle is also scratching her ears a lot. Is this due to allergies? I used to feed them Orijen, but I had to drive far to get my hands on it and that wasn't practical during the winter. I know very little about raw food and would appreciate any pointers.
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