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My 12 year old boy with arthritis

Hello everyone, my 12 year old boy Toby has arthritis in the rear legs. It really seemed to get bad since the new year. He's been on the Petsmart supplments since age 9 and haven't been any major changes until the new year. He's gotten bad.

We took him to the vet last month to do x-rays, blood work, etc. The Dr. gave him a cortozone shot in the office which seemed to help and then send us home with a prescription (not at home right now so don't know the name). It's been three weeks + and he's not showing any signs of improvement.

Called the Dr. and now and he suggested another cortozone shot with some cortozone pills to help keep the effect. I had second thoughts about going that route and asked if there was anything else we could try. He suggested adding pain pills to what he's already taking so that's what I'm going to try.

My poor boy has a hard time walking, he can't walk more than a few houses. He PLOPS him self down instead of laying down. And when he pees he's rear legs are more like he's laying down. Breaks my heart.

Is there anything else we can try? I've been looking online and came across:

Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM for Large Dogs

Does this work? I really would like to go the natural route instead of the Pharma route. But don't know what works or does not. Anything else members have used with success?

Thanks for reading and caring!
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