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Social, friendly dog doesn't like ONE person...trying to understand

I know there aren't going to be any solid answers on this, but I thought maybe some of you that are both more experienced, and more knowledgable about GSD behaviors, could give me some insight.

Tucker just turned 1 last week. He is intact, if that matters. He is a social, goofy boy for the most part. He's good with other dogs, although we've had some issues between him and our older female (but they've been better lately, knock on wood). He's always been good with strangers and children. As he gets older, he is less interested in meeting new adults (he still loves kids), but is always friendly with them. As an aside, he recently injured his foot and has had to go the vet 3 times in a week. The vet and staff told him me he had an incredible temperament and was a pleasure to work with. They allowed him to stay loose in the clinic most of the day.

So, the mystery:

I work for a small company in the corporate office. We have 9 employees in our office, 2 other offices on the property and some miscellaneous maintenance staff. Tucker has been coming with me to the office on and off since he was 8 weeks old. He loves everyone here...almost.

One lady I work with, I'll call her Jane, has known Tucker since Day 1. She has never been overly friendly to him, but that's okay with me. I've always assumed she wasn't overly-comfortable with him because he IS a big boy, and she doesn't have dogs. Over the past few months, Tucker has decided he either does NOT like her, or is scared of her, or both.

It began one day when I let him go upstairs on his own. Jane shares an office with another co-worker, Cindy, that Tucker adores. Part of his morning routine is to go in and get a treat from Cindy. He always minds his manners and Cindy is good about following any rules I've set up for him. This particular morning, I heard Tucker barking ferociously and I bounded up the stairs to find him barking at Jane. I scolded him and took him out.

After that, every time he would see her he'd get a funny look on his face and if I didn't take him away immediately, he'd bark, sometimes with hair raised.

He has met new employees recently. Completely fine. We've come home to find strange repair men in the house. Completely fine. As long as I've been okay with a person, Tucker has ALWAYS been.

This morning he again barked at Jane. But when he went into my office, there was a strange man (computer guy) IN my closet in my office and he startled me. Tucker had NEVER met him. Tucker sniffed him and was like "Okay, he's fine." No bark or raised hair. We talked for a few and I learned that the guy has NO dogs or cats, is scared of dogs, and showed me the scar from a dog bite years ago. So, my theory about Jane not smelling like pets (like everyone else does here) or Jane possibly being scared of him went out the window. And really, I almost expected Tucker to be upset about a strange man lurking in my office closet. But he always does his "interrogation" (quick sniff) and determines a person is okay.

The owner of the company has never really paid any attention to Tucker and Tucker doesn't care about him either.

So I'm stumped. What is it about this woman?

To be fair, she is not a favorite employee of anyone. She's a bit weird and can be a pain in the butt, but she mostly stays to herself. No one knows much about her personally. She's extremely well-educated but can't work a staple-remover So, the office jokes about why this may be are really getting humorous. We're thinking of including Tucker in the next interview process...
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