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Originally Posted by keb View Post
That's something I haven't decided on yet, and hope to get the info I need here to make up my mind. My dogs are my constant companions. We are never separated much. I'm lucky that they can go with me pretty much anywhere I go. I like a middle of the road type dog, not a couch potato. I don't think a high drive and energy dog would fit my lifestyle, but I am use to the energy level of Boxers, so I'm kinda torn between a show and working line. My most important concern is health, and this dog will be my first as far as diet. I will be feeding a raw diet. How do energy levels compare to Boxers?
From what I've seen Boxers have higher energy, but even with a higher energy GSD I think you'd be able to focus it's energy better. You sound like the perfect owner for a GSD since you enjoy having your dog with you as much as you can. GSDs are so loyal, they will love to be you too!
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