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Help with boisterous pup

Hi, just wanting a little bit of advice please! The family dog is now an 11 month old male, I'm 17 and the primary dog walker. I've always been cautious - perhaps overly cautious which he may have picked up on? - when walking him, because although I've had a german shepherd before, I never walked her due to my age. Anyway, Rico is usually well behaved, he's encountered many people who he's only ever sniffed, at the most maybe tried to pronk around them playfully. Today, though, we encountered an oldish couple and I told him to sit as they passed, he sat, but the lady had a bag which Rico thought he was entitled to sniff. He nipped at the bag, the lady pulled away and he nipped at her arm. The lady was unharmed but the threading on her jacket had been pulled loose. He immediately sat and continued to do so whilst the couple berated me (understandably) and I insisted he's not a vicious dog - I don't believe he is, I think he just needs training and to understand that strangers aren't people he can nip at, be it playfully or not.

What would you suggest? A muzzle for my dog? Is it worrying behaviour? As I'm adamant it's just playfulness -although that's no justification - perhaps I should muzzle him from this point onwards?

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