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Default Teaching my dog how to track. Am I doing this right?

I have this Remington canvas dummy:

I had it packed away from the winter and when I pulled it out last night it was covered in mould :/ I washed it in warm soapy water and I used a little bit of bleach. I hope that wasn't a mistake.

Anyways I have a bottle of quail scent, and this is some pretty potent stuff, even for me. What I do I spray several lines of the scent across the dummy, tie a rope through the loop and drag it across the yard. I'll usually hide is about 150 feet from the back door of my home. I put my dog in a room where he can't watch me through a window. I also try to switch up the locations a little bit, but there is only so much you can do in 2 acres. My dog usually finds the dummy incredibly fast.

Am I doing this properly? I've really wanted to get my dog into tracking formally, but I may have to do it on my own. I would appreciate any tips.

Do I need to replace the dummy?
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