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If there are a number of puncture wounds I really think you have no option but to make a visit to the vet. You have a partnership with your dog, he helps you and in return you provide him with food and look after his health. I say this as the owner of a dog who died following a dog attack. Her puncture wounds healed well, even the deep ones in her ear but there was nerve damage to her spine that wasn't immediately apparent.

Also it doesn't matter where you are, dog park, beach, town etc don't let your dog run up to others and if it does and a warning snap is made, get your dog under control. I have a reactive dog and regularly take her to areas with other dogs and eye to eye contact with another dog terrifies her, I dread to think what she would do if another dog tried to hump her! She may not get aggressive but my work with her would definitely be set back.

Hope the wounds heal and your dog makes a full recovery.

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