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Dog attacked my shepherd, need input for several things...

Ok folks....

I was making decent progress with my pup until yesterday.

If you don't know, I am working with Healing Guardians Healing Guardians*"Saving Dogs & Rescuing Veterans" - Home order for my dog to become a PTSD/TBI service dog. I have been working with Dom since essentially the beginning of his venture with the non-profit...and I am eternally grateful for the help he has provided! So if ANYONE needs some guidance on service dog stuff let me know, I can meet with you, help you get in touch with Dom, or even just give your dog a friend to run around with, etc... it is very tough to find people like this who do great work and don't make you wait 2 years to get a dog.

I digress...

So yesterday, I was working my dog at the dog park...doing my normal little 5-10 minute training sessions just to give him a quick refresher which I do multiple times a day when I don't teach him something new. My pup is 11 months old, and very playful. I love that about him. Since I am an irritable ******* and everyone hates me because of how I am now...he has helped get me out and social, and lessen the amount of jerk in my soul. lol.

Some random guy comes in the dog park. My dog, being fun and curious goes up to his dog and sniffs the dogs face and neck and wants to play. IMMEDIATELY - the other dog snaps at mine. Now a lot of you may say..."well **** if a human got in my face, I would do the same thing." Well, sure...but dogs are supposed to have these things called 'owners' who do this thing called 'training'. Animal neutral exercises are what I have worked on a lot, as far as sitting my dog face to face with other dogs...laying him on top of other dogs etc. ****, even just socializing a dog as they are growing will prevent them from behaving this way (at least it has for mine).

You dog training pros, feel free to correct me, I can be wrong sometimes....I'm just trying to set the stage for you all.

ANYWAYS! Sorry, today I am all over the place. So I let that one go. I was getting ready to pack up all of my pup's things when I heard the most god awful thing any handler would want to hear. My heart dropped. My dog about 200 feet away, eyes clinched shut, yelping/screaming as loud as he could, while the other dog was still chomping away. My dog ran to me and laid in my lap. I was scared ****less the other dog had gotten his eye(s) but he didn't (thank goodness). So far, I only found some punctures in the lips/gums, scratches, and I would like to take a look at his neck really good, because his fur is reallllly thick. I don't want to miss anything.

The other owner didn't stick around long. He saw I was looking at his face and mouth and taking pictures and left. No worries though, funny thing about being on a military post is...well...most people probably know where you live or who you are even if you think you're're not.

My dog AT MOST probably either was running around the dog, tried to hump him maybe? I'm not entirely sure. He never barks unless he's threatened, and is a true sweetheart. So it really sucks to see him suffer.

So my question to you all is WHAT would YOU do?

-Of course I mean in regards to, let the wounds heal themselves with a little help from antbiotics without going to the vet? (I only say this to save money)

-Going to the local Military Police Station to file a report? I AM NOT SURE WHAT ACTIONS THEY WOULD TAKE! I also don't know if this would be appropriate action, cinsidering the circumstances.

Any other suggestions? I thought I had other ideas, but I guess my brain wants to be all complicated today.

Folks, please don't take this thread in the wrong way, I'm not LOOKING to hurt or do harm to anyone or anything. Believe me...the last thing I want is attention. I am extremely open minded when it comes down to it. I just want peace and quiet, but with the situation I am in currently with the accident I had (I was hit and run by a drunk driver, and had to pay medical bills as active duty which is unheard of) is VERY VERY any "surprise attacks" on the check book, are debilitating. I know it sounds stupid, and it is...but believe me...if I could control what happened to me and all the money that I don't have any more I would

Thanks for the input in advance...and if you made it through all of this without wanting to kick my ass or thinking I'm annoying, I will offer you a hug or a cookie, your choice.

Here is one of the puncture wounds I mentioned, I am guessing treatment will probably be antibiotics and let it heal on its own. I wouldn't see any reasin for sutures in that area. I will have to look at everything else though to be sure.

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