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Default Help with OCD Behavior

I'm posting because I am out of ideas with what to do about my 11 month old pups OCD pacing/floor licking(edit: not a shadow chasing issue, does it regardless of shadows). This has been going on for a few months now and I'm not sure how to stop it. Usually I will get him in a down or sit and keep him there until he settles down which gets a treat. Usually takes a few tries but eventually he'll chill out and be fine for the rest of the night. My problem is that a few months later and he hasn't figured out the pacing is not what I want. Is it some sort of attention seeking behavior that I should be ignoring to let him know it doesn't work?

Physical exercise is a daily 2 mile jog and usually 2 hours or so at the dog park on the weekends. Mentally been doing training classes up until recently, but I'm still practicing things with him at home - fetch, stays, heel, etc. 90% of the time he's a very excitable puppy that listens well. Any and all advise is appreciated. Thanks.
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