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Very interesting review I read on a clicker training book.

this made me laugh so much I just had to share it:

"I gave this book four stars only because it really isn't about dog training specifically, or clicker training either. As I realized this, I was somewhat disappointed. But I couldn't quite drop it, and continued. I was glad I did. I found the information, and insite into both human and critter psychology enlightening. Since I had already read Clicker training your Horse, I understood the concept of the clicker. This book gave me a glimpse of how positive reinforcement might be applied to people...where obviously clicking might just get you smacked. I applied positive reinforcment to my boss. He was not a horrible boss, but he was not a caring boss either. I noticed that he seemed to be hungry for approval from his equals, and it occured to me that maybe approval from anywhere might be his "click/reward" I started applying methods suggested in the book, and with in a couple of weeks, he was a most solitious boss. We (the lowerdowns) came to adore this boss, and strove to stay in his department. The more we reinforced the behaviors we liked...the more he exibited them. This book could change your relationship with people. I would recommend it to anyone who deals with people, or animals. Read it through, then go back and study the highlights."
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