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Cruz E-collar Training Update

Well we finally had our first session tonight. It went pretty well. I found out this dog is extremely stubborn. I warned the trainer before we started. He didn't see it until he brought out his dogs for distraction and he commented on it. We went two hours. It pretty much waxed his butt. He is still a little stubborn and is still trying the boundaries.

The trainer started off with Cruz first then handed it all over to me. I could tell the dog was sensing my lack of confidence and would try my boundary a little harder at times. Once I got the method of using the remote down, I started getting more confident in myself and the dog sensed it and was almost perfect in those moments. We worked on come, break and off commands under major distraction with his dogs. He did really well for his first go.

It's really up to us to keep consistent with the commands and methods he showed us. I truly think this is the method we need to stick with. The trainer mentioned he would like to get enough training done to eventually not have to use the collar. But that's a ways off.

A work in progress.
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