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Growling with new E-collar

I'm new here guys and just have a question about an issue going on with my shepherd. So a few weeks ago, my dog started licking his rear end continuously. Took him into the vet, and it was his anal glands. Had them squeezed and all seemed well. However he's still licking there and today I took him to the vet, and now the problem isn't his glands. His rear end is becoming raw from licking and he's at risk for anal fistula or other complications. So the vet gave us a E-collar for him.

Now the problem, he's growling non stop and starting to become dangerous. I've always had shepherds but this seems to be a new experience for me. I understand it's very annoying for him but not sure how to approach this. Just had it put it on today and the clips came undone this evening and he ripped out of it. Really have no idea how I'm going to even get it back on. Any suggestions on how to go about this? He also growls and get's very upset when it's medication time as well. This is just becoming very difficult at this point.
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