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I have contacts. I clean them daily (or, well, I try). They're not difficult to put in once you get the hang of it. When I first got them, I held my breath so long in the Dr's office trying to put them in that I almost passed out. The girl at the counter said it's really common, lol.

My biggest reason for wanting contacts over glasses (aside from needing thick glasses because my rx is so strong) is because I am a very active person. Hiking, running, riding my horse, etc is a real pain in the neck when wearing glasses. I also used to have to scuba dive daily for work, and using Rx masks was horrible and horribly expensive. As others have said, brand definitely matters- I've had horrible lenses, and lenses that you can leave in for a week and not feel (Acuvue).

I will be getting LASIK eventually.
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