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I'm going to answer based on what I DO and not what I should do, lol....

1. How often do you need to clean them?

Basically never. I have Acuvue Oasis soft lenses -4.75. I take them out around 10pm, put them in at 7am. If there is something on them, I might gently rub between my fingers. I replace them every 3 months or so or if one rips or starts to feel bad.

2. Are they difficult to put in your eyes?

No. I mean, of course they are at first, but now I can do it with either hand, without a mirror.

3. What is the differences between contact lens and eye glasses?

I prefer contacts because they give a more full range of vision. I have glasses that I actually like the look of, but can't get used to the lack of peripheral vision. My vision is pretty more, everything is completely blurred more than 1 foot from my face. With contacts I can still see while swimming or if I go skiing or something where I would normally leave my glasses behind. If my eyes get uncomfortable, there's always the option to use my glasses.

4. Is there anything else I need to know?

I would say that brand matters. My uncle is my eye Dr. so luckily I buy everything at cost. I used to use a more generic brand of disposable soft lenses but when he switched me to the Acuvue Oasis, they felt better and last much longer.

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