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Originally Posted by GSD Fan View Post
I've been wearing glasses for years. When I put them on, I look very intelligent but they kind of put a damper on attractiveness.

I am interested in getting contacts and I have some questions to the people on this forum who wear contact lens.

1. How often do you need to clean them?
I clean mine every night using Clear Care (or a generic version). I cannot believe how much better I can see since I started using it. Plus my contacts feel better. I use the disposable ones and throw them out every 2+weeks.

2. Are they difficult to put in your eyes?
Hardly ever difficult. I have worn them since I was 12, and I am now 41. Once you get used to it they are easy. Once I accidently rubbed my eye and the contact slipped toward the back of my eye. I kind of freaked out, but once I calmed down and relaxed it did go back to the normal position on its own.

3. What is the differences between contact lens and eye glasses?
I can see so much better in my contacts. Sometimes contacts are a little uncomfortable, esp if your eyes are dry that day. I would recommend carrying rewetting drops, although I never have carried them. Also for contacts keep a spare case and contact solution at work in case they are bothering you. And a spare pair of glasses. Again, something I don't do but should.

4. Is there anything else I need to know?
Years ago the eye dr. told me my eyes didn't look great and that I should start taking my contacts out at night for a few weeks to give them a rest. I had always worn mine overnight. Wow, did my eyes feel better when I started taking them out every night. I would love to get the daily disposable, but they are expensive. Instead I do the every other week ones, but I don't wear them at night so I can usually squeak out an extra week on them.

Thank you!
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