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I wore glasses until Freshman year in high school and then got contacts.. so I've been wearing them for a good minute. lol.. I just answered your questions in purple

Originally Posted by GSD Fan View Post

1. How often do you need to clean them?
I take mine out every night before bed. I CLEAN CLEAN them a couple times a week. Meaning, most nights I just put them in the container and fill it with solution. But a couple times a week I will put them in my hand, with solution, and rub them with my finger to clean them, then soak in solution.

2. Are they difficult to put in your eyes?
They are not once you get used to it. At first, it may be odd, but if you aren't squeemish about your eyes, you should be fine. I pull my bottom lid down with my middle finger and look up, then pop it in with my index.. then blink until it's in place.

3. What is the differences between contact lens and eye glasses?
I have such a strong prescription that glasses get really annoying. Thick lenses, headaches, etc. Some of that has to do with the fact that the lense is further from your eye so you have to make up for the distance. You get used to glasses though, obviously.

Contacts are literally on your eyeball, lol as you are aware. It seems less of a struggle for me when I wear them. I get less headaches and I can see better from all angles.

4. Is there anything else I need to know?
Unless you get the approved night and day lenses, where they have been approved to be slept in, DO NOT sleep in them. Every now and then is fine. I do it on occasion if I stay one night somewhere or for a nap here and there. but it is terrible for your eyes to wear them while you sleep constantly. It also is rather uncomfortable when you wake up.. Sometimes the contacts get suctioned to your eye if it's too dry, and that hurts, lol. If you choose to sleep in them occasionally, just have lots of eye drops ready and available. If you get the approved ones, you need drops still but they are made of a material that let's your eye breathe better vs the regular ones which are not.
BTW I'm sure you look just fine in your glasses Hope this helps though.


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