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I think we figured something out..

By golly, I think we have something here.

Getting so tired of battling this barking/whining/excessive excitement every. single. time. we have a guest over for upwards of 20 minutes every time. I have tried "everything," we have improved then fall back into old habits, no matter how consistent I am.... ANYWAYS.. (BTW this wasn't just in the last few months, this has been over the last 2 years. So ample time to try new techniques.)

Yesterday I was having company over and decided, you know what, I'll meet them in the driveway with Titan. Told them to let me know when they were here and I'll bring him out. We met them and their dog, whom Titan already knows and gets along with at the dog park. It went PERFECT. He was of course eager to get to them because they were in his drive way. BUT there was no barking. I made him sit and wait until they approached him then it was whatever. We all walked inside together and all was well.

AND even PLAYED with the other dog!!!! You have no idea what a feat that was.. he never plays WITH other dogs. He plays around them with me but never interacts. I picked up his toys, and Ben, a 1 y/o lab/boxer mix was poking to play and Titan took the bait. They were chasing eachother, wrestling, barking.. it was sucha joy to watch Titan actually interact for fun with another dog. Happy Mama


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