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My dog recently found a place where some animal made a hole in the yard. He tries so hard to get to this hole to dig. He will come to me when I call him even when he much rather dog in this hole but I really don't like the digging behavior at all. My yard is average size but since my husband was a landscaper you can imagine the landscaping and I don't want this one hole to turn into a "lets dig up everything" behavior. I tell him to "leave it" and he'll lay down and look at me like he's going to explode and we go to another area. The problem is this is the biggest area to work on training and quite frankly this hole has served as a distraction enough to work on some commands. It's just to the point where he is obsessed with this hole and burying his nose in it. I told my husband that I'm going to train the dog to dig so he can dig a hole to plant flowers with him and my husband thinks it's a joke but I am really considering doing just that since this dog will do anything I tell him to do.

So my question is this: has anyone took a negative behavior like this and turned it into a job? I'm a bit hesitant because I don't want extra holes anywhere.

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