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Co-Ownership question - Non-GSD

I co-own one of my Chinese Crested puppies with a friend. As part of the contract I get a puppy (the pick was not specified) from her first litter.

My friend also has the stud - whom she co-owns with HIS breeder. That contract also states that his breeder gets a puppy (again, pick not specified) from any litters he sires.

So, what happens if there is only one puppy. Who gets the puppy? I'm assuming the owner of the bitch gets the puppy.

What if she had used an outside stud and the contract stated that stud owner got a puppy (no pick specified)? Then what happens (if there is only one puppy)?

I'm not worried about this situation and I know how WE (my friend, I and the stud co-owner) will handle it. I was just wondering how others see it.
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