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When will he calm down around other dogs?

Gunnar is 18 months old now. Well behaved, well socialized in most situations. He will heel off leash in public, run by my side for miles off leash, down and stay in distracting situations, etc.....BUT he won't quiet down either verbally or physically when there are other dogs around.

Example: nice easy ride in the car, he's looking out the window or laying down in the back until we get close to a dog park, then he slowly winds up and by the time I'm parking the car he's whining and squeaking and barking and jumping all over the in the back. When I take him out of the car, he's straining against the leash like he's got no manners at all.

Example: standing on the sideline of my daughters soccer game. He will lay at my feet or sniff around a bit, but if there is another dog on the sideline he will whine, bark, pull on the leash, and get himself all worked up.

He's always been like this, since he was a puppy at puppy training class. He'd bark for the whole 2 hour class as a 12 week old. As an older pup he was a bit better. But certainly not the calm quiet dog that he is at home depot or at home.

Is there an age when this behavior calms down? Is there a training technique that I can use to inhibit the barking/whining/pulling on leash (as a combo behavior as I've been fairly successful in inhibiting any single behavior in other circumstances.

I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks.
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