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Smile *Updates on my Maxx*

Hi everyone! It has been a really long time since I have made any posts on here... so I figured that I would give everyone one big update on Maxx and some new stuff

First off, I know that I made a few posts about Maxx showing fear/aggression towards other dogs and strangers. I met with a very nice lady from here and her amazing dog and she saw how he acted, and she helped me understand that Maxx wasn't that bad and that if I continued to work with him that she knew he would be ok. Well I have never stopped working with him, he still goes on his walks (back to twice a day, but during the winter was down to one long one a day) and I started to notice a difference in him. We would pass by other dogs and he would look at them every once in a while while passing and then he was fine, not whining, barking, lunging He has been doing very very very well. The only time that he will really react to other dogs is when their off leash and coming at him, but that still isn't bad. And with his people phobia, he doesn't bark at strange people on our walks anymore (he now has his big boy bark. lol) I do not allow just anybody to walk up to him now and pet him, I only allow that when maxx has met them before and he feels comfortable with them. He also is able to be out when I have company, he does bark while their coming up to the door and then once they are in the house he gets all happy and is just a big teddy bear!! Now he was also neutered a couple months ago, so that might have contributed. His behaviors about dogs and people have improved and I just couldn't be more pleased

The second and last thing is that he is not kenneled anymore!! I started leaving him out about 3 months ago (he literally grew out of his kennel, haha) and he has been amazing! I do shut the doors for now just because he still is a puppy and if the temptation to chew my kids toys is there then he will. And he has really discovered my cat she tolerates him most of the time but other times she just wants him to leave her alone. They have played together though He also has figured out that when my husband leaves for work in the morning.. he can climb up onto my bed and sleep until I get up. lol Clever fellow!! He also loves bubbles!! He has been so amazing to have as a pet and companion, I seriously could not ask for a better dog!! Sorry that this was a long post but I just wanted everyone to know how he is doing since some members here have been following him since he was 8 weeks old (and I cannot believe that he is going to be 1 on May 5th!!)

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Love my MAXX!!
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