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Originally Posted by Juliem24 View Post
Sorry! Just out of curiosity, if all things were good in the kennel, why wouldn't you board and train? Is it too hard on the dog? Ineffective for the amount of $?
My main problem with board and trains is that I can rarely find even a decent one. I have had friend after friend and client after client that have sent their dogs to board and trains where their dogs have been ignored, incorrectly pronged and shocked, and have been infected with a whole slew of diseases and infections. I generally want to see my dog being trained if it is being handled by someone else, but I am not able to see this with a board and train.

EVEN IF the OP found a perfect board and train that allowed her to check in on her dog, used exactly the methods the OP was comfortable with, and returned the dog in good health with noticeable behavioral improvement, it sounds like the OP needs experience dealing with basic problems like over excitement and focus. These are things the OP will not be able to learn to instill in the dog if the dog goes to board and train. Even if the facility does the usual after stay course in handling and maintenance that most facilities do after they return a dog, I don't know that it would give the OP the experience and knowledge truly needed to know what to do to maintain that behavior. And again, this is all assuming best case scenario and a stellar facility.

As a note, I don't mean to bash on board and trains, as I've heard a member or two on the forum run excellent board and trains. I have no problem with board and trains as long as they are run properly, but it can just be hard to tell whether the facility is truly reputable until something goes wrong. And with a puppy, a bad experience can turn into a lifetime of problems.

Lastly, most board and trains that I know of do one on one training with board and train dogs so that does squat for the OP's puppy that needs socialization.
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