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I hear what you are saying!
However, humans will be humans if you know what i mean! We always will debate and bicker about things, making personal attacks to others to make ourselves feel better. Some are better about keeping it just a debate on a none personal level than others. So it goes!

I'm with you. Except I was completely against the e-collar before i got my dog and the prong collar. I'm not sold on the choke collar after doing lots of research, i just wouldn't use that on my dog.

I do use the prong collar on my dog. And I am going to use the e-collar. I'm just researching, getting as much information, practicing on people before i use on my dog. Like you, i LOVE my dog. She helped me come a long way in my life and I am very fond and connected to her, and am absolutely committed to her. Although positive reinforcement, counter conditioning, etc. all work so does other tools such as e-collar.
I am a vegetarian, HUGE animal lover ever since i can remember, i use to work at a shelter, my dog gets whatever she needs typically before i get it- and yet i have an e-collar that i plan on using on my dog once i feel i am ready to do so. I think if people understood that not everyone plans on shocking your dog to smithereens is the plan, and that it actually could save a lot of dogs lives(literally, i can think of a handful of dogs that were euthanized at a shelter with empty kennels because of behavioral issues that needed a tool such as e-collar to help them) and that it is not such a bad tool to use. But like with everything it should not get into dumb people's hands, but neither should dogs! And for those good owners who just don't know how to use one and still use it, they need to be educated- and that would happen more if their were more good trainers willing to show people how to use e-collars, more articles on how to use them correctly, etc.
So i think people who fight the battle of "ban e-collors" should spend their energy on the battle of dumb, abusive, bad people owning dogs. Thats my rant of the day. LOL

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