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Sick of the e collar debate...

I've been researching on training with a e collar for about two months now to prep myself for the start of this new training tool. I neither have a trainer in my area or the money to get a professional but I also would not go into this blindly. I love my dog as much as my kids and ten times more then any girl I've ever met so I want the best for him and would never want to hurt him. In doing research mostly on this forum I have to pick through all the debate on what is better and what is right and what is wrong. I understand some healthy debate is good for a subject but it seems like every topic that comes up on this is nothing but an argument and no valuable information and advice being brought up.
There's obviously lots of different ways and theories for training in any aspect. For the most part I'm sure the people on here actually do care about their dogs or they wouldn't be here looking for info. As long as people aren't abusing their dogs I think we should cool it with the arguments. Let people do their research and choose which method to use. I Chose Lou castles way. Weather that seems right or wrong to you unless your adding useful information just stay out of it. And let me and others get our advice while the other side of the fence gets their info and advice. Thankyou
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