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Any advice appreciated. Long post-Sorry

Shadow was found at around 15 days old unconscious and dying in a filthy old garage. It took me almost an hour to get her to a vet, she never moved but I could feel her tiny heart fluttering beneath my hand. The vet said she'd never make it and offered to 'deal with the body'. I got her through the night, and the next day. She was covered in bugs and filthy, but a quick bath fixed that. A steady diet of formula, chicken breasts and puppy food soon began to show results.

A week later she started vomiting live worms, the vet thought she was too weak for a commercial dewormer, so I found an herbal one that seemed to at least knock them back. She started gaining weight again.
At six weeks he advised against vaccinating as she was still pretty thin and had a bacterial skin infection that was being treated.

Eight weeks vacs and she spent 2 days stumbling and bumping into things. Twelve week vacs and huge behavior shift, snarling and lunging at things not there. Vet maintained no issues. Sixteen weeks, last shots and over my protests and behind my back they gave rabies as well.

My puppy that was housetrained at 5 weeks and learned sit in minutes, stopped learning and became shy, snappy and uncoordinated.

Fast forward 3 years. Shadow has learned fetch, and almost come, runs weave poles when she's upset and has created a den under the foundation of the house. She knows speak, spin, out and leave it, but refuses down.
She has an under-developed heart, and lungs, impaired vision, suffers from food allergies, cannot take any kind of stress or pressure. She swings wildly between savagely fear aggressive and totally shut down. So far training has been pressure free, marker words and praise, no discipline at all other then losing attention. She does not bluff and she's quick, so muzzled off the property. Crazy high ball and prey drive, huge food motivation. The only dog I have ever seen run backwards, she is so sensitive a frown or clenched hand sends her into a fit.

Curious about other thoughts and opinions, suggestions on management and training welcome and wanted. Please do not suggest euthanasia, it isn't happening. I will add that in the house and her own yard she is sweet, goofy and pretty well mannered.
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