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Fluke or intelligence?

Interesting behavior this morning.
Last night I started working on "Relax" (behavior only so far) by clicking as he lied down on his side, head on the floor. I don't want to call this behavior "Play Dead" as I have buried four dogs in the last three years. After several minutes he offered the behavior more reliably. Then this morning I was reading the paper, the clicker and treats next to me on the table. DDog sat next to me, probably feeling ignored.
Then he whined and automatically I looked at him (wrong behavior to reward, I know). As soon as we locked eyes he lied down, head on the floor, still trying to look at me. So I rewarded him with a clicker and treat.
Was this a fluke or had he really planned this? If he planned it, he must have thought in Canine something like: "Hm, no attention, the chicken treats out of reach. I want them really bad but cannot steal them right now. *thinking hard* Ok, first I need her to look at me so "whine" in a subtle tone. OMG, she sees me, drop flat! Does she notice? Yes she does! Click and Chicken! Yoohoo, this worked!! Will remember for next time."
While I am thinking that I am doing a pretty good job in training this pup.

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