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Originally Posted by SuperG View Post
Dog is now 20 long as I need...I guess.

Eating stays down.

Company is stays down...normally in this situation I release her after 5-10 minutes and let her enjoy the company.

Out on the deck having a beer or stays down

Longest no doubt is when I go to sleep and my dog does too... dog stays down...guess that doesn't count since I didn't request a down stay.

At first, I almost felt like I was punishing the dog putting her on extended down/stays...I'm a bit hyperactive so I probably imagined myself on an extended down/stay. I'm guessing if I were a dog and put on a down/stay...I'd be good for about 20 I give my dog some credit.

I'm jealous! But...I can down my dinner and a few beers pretty fast, if needed, so those could be pretty short down stays for me.

Myah (14 months), about 20 minutes (because I forgot she was in a down stay). But I'm amateur! I was impressed with her, so we'll work on these more. I'm sure she can do longer - I just haven't done it with her.

Right now, she likes to burst in the boys' bedrooms for fun and play. So, she's working on a down stay while I open their doors and talk to them. She MUST wait in the hallway until I call her (not them calling her).

It would be interesting to also know the length of times people have their shepherd in a "sit" and completely focused, waiting for the next command, while we were doing other things.

We're working on that focus thing.
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