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Originally Posted by NormanF View Post
GSDs are cat-like dogs. They tend to be reserved and mine is not a velcro dog although she does like affection. That distance of theirs doesn't make them an ideal dog for someone who wants the constant company of a dog. While a GSD may be reserved, they more than make up for it in boundless loyalty and devotion to their owner.
German shepherds seem to be a velcro to their owners. That applies to my aunt's dog and someone's last dog that I knew. Also goes for another I also know who don't leave their side at all. Also another GS too. These German shepherds are by their owners 24/7 with sight in viewed. Only to that person only. German shepherds are a one person or can be right? For one of these he can be gone for a certain amount of time goes nuts and don't want to leave 2x a week in a row from their owners. Seperation anxiety could be a trigger. On the other hand my Labradoodle and other dogs don't seem to be less reserve-like than GSDs. When it comes to well known guests/friends. Never have family members come to visit us though. When I'm with German shepherds without their owners presence or even other dogs they can be loyal. Constant companion for the day. However, seems more likely for German shepherds to be a constant company if you are single in a household. Although, I have dreams having German shepherds spending a lot of time with them.
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