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German shepherds the same?

In your perspective what are your opinions/views on German shepherds. This regards their personality, aloof, friendliness, with people and other dogs. My cousin finds German shepherds to all be the same in character/personality. Seem to all be serious, similar issues, similar aloofness, similar calmness, similar friendliness, similar temperament with dogs and people, etc. Although, For German shepherd owners do you notice this at all? Never came to mind much to me after my cousin's own observation/view. However, seen one German shepherd more playful, friendliness, less aloof, unique personality that is outgoing. More than others that are similar. siberian huskies, labs, goldens, other breeds individually seem to be a different personality. Don't get me wrong always wanted a German shepherd. Only thing is I'm nervous is their aloofness.
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