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Hello From S.W Missouri!

Hello everyone, I don't have a GSD yet, I'm still in the hunting phase. I've been lurking around here for a few days reading articles and pandering about, and thought it was time I introduced myself!

I'm 24, my husband will be 30 in June. My husband grew up with a GSD who would follow him through **** or high water. She was a stray but she latched right onto him. He said she'd growl at people other than him, but I think maybe that was more from her circumstance than it was a GSD trait entirely. He mentioned she was very much a one person dog. I'd like the dog we get to love and bond both him and me and not be growling at strangers. I figure this is part of the puppy socialization/meeting new people and new things.

My husband and I live near Branson, and are looking for a GSD to join our family. We're thinking of getting a puppy. We have ferrets and even though we can keep everyone separate we'd like to train the dog to see them as part of the pack and not as a tasty snack.

I've been trying to find a good breeder, but it seems most are so far away. I did message crooked creek on Facebook with some general questions, I noticed a few owners on here recommended her. We'd like a Black and Tan pup, but I think personality and temperament are more important than color.

I know we can buy a pup online and have it shipped, but that just seems so odd to me, shipping a puppy! I think I'd rather find someone in a near by state or in missouri that I could go to, or meet half way. I'd really like to be able to go, and see the dogs, and the area and things like that.

I'm so excited to be here! We most likely won't be getting a pup until the end of this year/next year so that I have time to save up money for all the vet visits, adoption, toys and crates and so on. I know puppy's are usually ~1400 with a 300$ deposit. I understand it's hard to put a price on a puppy, and that isn't the main "goal" of a good breeder, but money is part of the equation and it'd help to know just how much I'll need.
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