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Napoleon's Momma Here

Well it certainly has been quite some time... Hello to everyone and I'm hoping that life with your gsd's are going fantastically!!! I wanted to share with everyone that I am now a gsd mommy again to a 6 1/2 month old named Thor. The home that he was in could no longer take care of him (I also believe he wasn't being fed much there) and he had no place to go. When we brought Thor home he was very aggressive with my 1 year old, especially around food. He even nipped his hand when I wasn't paying close enough attention. Then our plan changed to us only keeping him till we found another home for him. Eventually we found a wonderful home for him with a family who love the breed and had a lot of experience. They weren't able to come get him till the end of the week which was fine by us, so I continued to work with him on his aggression and manners and what not and he improved tremendously. Also he gained a lot of weight! When it as time for his new family to come get him, they never showed up or answered any of my calls and by this time we were all starting to get very attached to him and decided to keep him. Fast forward to today now Thor loves playing with my son and doesn't growl or get aggressive one bit. I'm so proud of how far he has come and it truly warms my heart to know that dogs with issues, regardless how severe, can make a comeback and be a happy, healthy pet. I thank God everyday for our little Thor and I know now that I just had to be patient and God would bring us our fur baby when the time was right. We couldn't be happier and we pray that God will bless all of your lives as well!
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