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@Heidigsd yes the vet has confirmed him with epi. I was misinformed before but my mom said he definitely has it. I am setting up an account at epi4dogs right now. We live near Philadelphia PA, USA. The vet we go to was recommended for epi help. Right now he has runny unformed poop, he eats his poop, has a very strong appetite, when off his steroids he has a gurgly stomach and is gasy, he has recently pooped wide in the house and that's what has sent my parents over the edge, his weight seems to be pretty steady but he still has plenty of energy and loves people. He doesn't moop around or lay/sleep all the time. We feed him grain free nutrosource food twice a day with raw pancreas mixed in with green beans and rice. He has not been treated for tylan but has received b12 shots but is not currently.
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