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Wow.....I guess i was lucky....I had no idea EPI could get so severe....wonder if there are other issues going on as well..maybe SIBO and severe B12 deficiency??? Many times these conditions accompany EPI.

My GSD with EPI...once diagnosed, was fairly easy to keep healthy and at an adequate I said earlier...I must have been lucky.

I used the enzymes as well.....ground her kibble in a blender...put the enzymes in the food with some warm water, mixed it thoroughly and let it sit for a spell before feeding her. I do recall the more of the food you could get in contact with the enzymes, supposedly that was the best way to go as ALL the food mostly was somewhat "predigested" and breaking down before she ate her meal.

I know there are others in this forum who have experience as well with an EPI dog....hopefully they can add some helpful info.

I wish I could help as it seems a shame to have to put Samson down solely because of EPI.

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