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Unhappy Help gsd diahorrea intermittent!!?

Hi this is a long story.. But basically we have rehomed a beautiful pedigree gsd as her previous owner didnt have the time for her etc. She has a lovely nature etc and is a brilliant young dog (13 months old). Ever since we got her 3 months ago she has had diahhorea on/ off. Normally fine for a week or so then diahorrea few days then back to her normal! When we got her she was on 'wagg' but we have since changed her gradually onto things like JWBeloved and skinners trying to improve this but the problem still comes and goes!? The tinest thing will upset her tummy. Hence why we dont give treats/ table scraps etc. we have recently started to give her 'natures menu' raw chicken in the morning which has helped alittle (and bowl of skinners still in the evening). I worry as the vet said she is a little leaner etc than should be and she is a slim dog but looks okay. She weighs roughly around 30! She has just turned 1 years old. Id like to see abit more meat on her but dont know how to fatten her up abit with out causing loose stools!!?? Is this a common problem?
Many thanks x
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