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I'm pretty sure you could train them to stay out?

Maybe one of our trainers can suggest a method. I have just a little bitty pond, 50 gallon, but my pups did try to jump in on hot summer days. I would be out with them and gave them a firm 'no' and also offered them a kiddie pool as an alternative.

A couple of thoughts to get you started would be stocking with fish that will naturally clean the pond out for you. Putting in species of plants that you want which will help crowd out the ones you don't want. I'm not up on large natural ponds, have only dealt with enclosed systems BUT they all have something in common 'bio systems'. Such as plants that use enough beneficial nutrients to naturally suppress algae and help keep the water clean. Keeping complimentary fish and vegetation helps minimize problems and maintenance.

Originally Posted by middleofnowhere View Post
OK I have a fair sized pond. I'm contemplating a couple of things:
How to discourage dog exploration (thinking fencing but dont like the idea a lot -- maybe some magic would work... fencing thoughts have come down to maybe aluminum conduit which bends fairly easy & is cheaper than copper...)
How much it needs cleaned out of grass... (The house was vacant for a while before I bought it.)
Any ideas?
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