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Our pup got parvo!

Hi everyone. My first post here in hope for anyone to shed some light on this awful disease. We adopted a GSD puppy at 9 weeks of age from a rescue this past week. We picked it up last Saturday and by the next day, our pup Kodi was in the hospital after being tested positive for parvo. He showed symptoms related to parvo and started vomiting and diarrhea the same day he was taken to the vet. Sure enough, six of his brothers and sisters were also tested positive, all currently being treated, one unfortunately lost the battle. According to the shelter, the litter had its first vaccine shots two weeks prior and was quarantine for three weeks showing no symptoms before all being adopted.

As of today, Kodi has been at the vet for six days now. He is constantly hooked up to IV, antibiotic drugs, tamiflu etc. We check on him everyday and his condition seems the same, some days better than others but still experience diarrhea and mucus/bloody stool. Blood test shows low white cell count which is expected. Vet tired feeding him slowly but it comes out. They are trying to balance his electrolyte best they can it seems.

We are sad and worried but optimistic at the same time. We have been reading up on parvo and how cruel it is. I can only imagine the vet bill after all this but $$$ is not and issue when it comes to our Kodi.

Please share your experience. Any feedback will be much appreciated. ...

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