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Unhappy Rescued GSD Escapes

Hello: I'm a new member to the forum. I have owned 4 dogs in my life, a Sheltie, GSD, Great Pyr, and now the 2nd GSD, Papa. it has been about 1 1/2 years since I rescued him. He has escaped about 6-times, twice being picked up by animal control. He has destroyed my privacy fence (we are talking brand new pickets). He is deathly afraid of storms, fireworks, puttering cars, lawn mowers, pneumatic hammers, etc. he has chewed a hole through my garage door, bent the metal garage door. Even if I am with him through storms he's afraid. The destructiveness has gotten quite expensive and very frustrating.

Any ideas besides walking, exercising to tire him out? That makes no difference at all. I'm no runner, and we have walked miles, came back he'll sleep an hour or so, look in the backyard and he's gone. I'm really afraid to have him in the house as I cannot afford the destruction I know he is capable of. He's an older dog (8 or so). I've tried flower remedies, and such. Yes, he escapes when he hears loud noises, but also when he doesn't. I have not experienced these behaviors with my previous GSD, nor any of my other dogs. Any advice would be appreciated.

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